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Ziarat-4 The Place where summertime is loved by the Holidaymakers is basically the Capital of Ziarat District Balochistan. It is 8850 feet above the sea and is about 125 Kilometers from Quetta. Ziarat-7Ziarat is well recognized as a prominent Holiday Resort of Balochistan. Can you imagine? In Ziarat there is a Juniper forest where some very old trees exist which are more than 5000 to 7000 years old, so saying them one of the world ancient forests is not wide of the mark. Ziarat-8In winter when whiteouts in Ziarat eventually Juniper valley becomes the most beautiful place in the world. This God-Gifted valley is full of fruits, especially the Orchards of Cherry and apple. By the grace of Almighty Allah the finest Honey of the world is found here in Ziarat. Ziarat Google Map  The Stunning Hill Station located in the north of Province of Balochistan attracts more or less every single vacationer to stay for a short time here while traveling from Karachi to Quetta.Ziarat-2 Our much-loved, the founder of this lovely nation state Pakistan   lived and spent his last days (Two months and Ten days) of Life in ‘Ziarat Residency’ which was constructed in 1892 in Ziarat. Ziarat-1It is an important building; the whole building is in point of fact a timber structure exquisitely designed and has great architectural status. It is now a national monument. The residency catches the tourists’ attention due to its unique location and the wonderful hilly surroundings. It’s intensely recommended that one time in a lifespan one should visit this Place; it’s guaranteed that you’ll fall in love and make Ziarat your darling place.

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